The List

The List is a workshop that aims to challenge the (physical & digital) form of the “list.” Lists are categorical representations of information (data) and critical components to aggregation & curation. As designers, we have the ability to reinterpret traditional visualizations of data beyond two-dimensional constraints.
This workshop asks the designer to think critically about the list form. How might a list behave in three dimensions? Four? How does the list function within a larger system? How might it be subdivided? Who is this list for and how does its form impact interaction and user intention? Be cognizant of formal tropes and tired clichés. Finally, let the materials speak for themselves to stimulate unexpected results.

There are three phases to the workshop:

Independent Work: Initial independent work phase for generating rough formal ideas outside of a particular context. Produce 5-10 (or more) unique formal concepts for constructing a list. Use onlythe provided tools to construct your ideas.

Aggregation: Individual designers unite to respond to a context (of their choosing), synthesizing individual ideas into a larger system. In this phase, combine ideas generated in phase 1. If time allows, groups are encouraged to produce more than one system.

Refinement: Teams particularize their formal decisions and/or reinvent their system to better address the workshop goals. Refine forms in order to construct a “final” version/s of your list system.