Participatory Design Workshop

Workshop | Graduate Ed. | 2019 | Collaborator: Randa Hadi ︎︎︎

What is participatory design and where did it orginate?

This presentation communicates the basic history and current practice of participatory design through readings from Liz Sanders, Helen Armstrong, and Yochai Benkler. The adjacent workshop was designed to illustrate the experience of participatory design. Participants were asked to finish the prompt: “When I was a teenager…” with a story from their childhood in a shared google doc. Afterwards, the participants read the story after theirs and respond to it in red. The doc was then projected onto the wall where participants had their photo taken in front of it. Participants felt closer after reading one anothers stories, even though anonymously, and felt that they had made their collected content into something new together by the end of the workshop.

Participate in our “living” Google Doc by contributing your own story and response!